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My Journey with Parnership to success Started in 2012, though as I said I did not take it seriously and although I had paid for it i did not start doing anything with immediately! The problem was I was looking at other programs and was not sure what to do or which one to start with so I was essentially product hopping which is confusing to say the least. Its so easy to look at different options and not know which way to go so I would say to anyone considering affiliate or digital marketing to research what you want to do first then pick the the one that will suit you and go with it. The grass is not always greener on the other side or shiny object syndrome as it is called within the industry. I decided to do further due dilligence on Partner Ship To Success (which we will now refer to as P2S) and found that it was probably the safest and best way for me to go.

P2S is very comprehensive in it’s design and training, I started at the beginning which is clearly written as Start Here! for those of you who don’t know how to follow instructions lol!! You follow the steps indicated before you actually start your training. Watch the welcome webinar where John formally welcomes you to P2S and then Join the facebook group which is full of P2S members who are there for themselves and as well as being there to help others! I completed my start up steps and watched the very informative webinar Joined the facebook group and was now ready to start training!

The training is daily so you always have something to do unlike some programs where you have to wait for the training? On This John gives you complete access to the course. There are many phases of training starting with building an online presence which starts with Laying the foundations of your online business. On each phase John gives you an intro video to watch which he does himself all of which are informative and good to watch. The first thing I had to do was to find a domain name and hosting plan which again had a video to watch if you don’t know what you are doing. The next thing I did was to learn how to install a wordpress blog, video is always there at each step to help you build your business so I won’t keep repeating it. I then set up the blog settings and wrote my first blog post again talked through by John. I think you get the picture by now so I won’t bore you with every step on the first day. John does suggest some things along the way such as read a certain book and do certain things that will enhance your journey through the course. The next phase was all about getting my blog online with the right settings and improving my blog appearance which is really a interesting step. I then went through essensial blogging techniques which is a video I took notice of and enjoyed thoroughly. I then went on to list building and building a lead magnet as well as monetising my blog which is exciting went you think oh i might get paid if my post is seen?? This all happened in the first 10 days but you can do it quicker if you follow the steps and know what you are doing, as I said John gives you full access when you join the program.

The next phase is Niche selection and again I was not left to fend for myself as John is there giving me full instuctions and all the information I needed to be able to research any niche I wanted. Niche Selection is not as hard as it comes from what you are passionate about something you are good at or even something you are working on. John gives you a lot of information and tips on niche selection as well as looking at PLR products (which are products that already exist in the market place) so you can alter them and sell them as your own products. He also goes through mind mapping your way to success.

Thje Next Phase is Product Creation which is where I am now! I am creating a product myself and I have decided to follow my instincts and stick with affiliate marketing as you can probably tell by my blog. I fully intend to make an affiliate marketing product that people need and want. I will keep you informed of my progress but for now I will stop here.

I think you know by now how the program (course) is laid out and how you will be taught. I think it is a fantastic program and as an added bonus if you complete the course and and build a product John will critique it and help you launch it and even promote it for you. So if you decide to do it good luck and I wish you every success.

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My Aim is to help 50+ learn and discover affiliate marketing and hope they become successful. They will then be able to earn money from what they learn.

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