I Didn’t Take Affiliate Marketing Seriously Until I knew I Had To!!

I started Affiliate Marketing about 2011 but never really took it seriously! If I had of done I would probably be a millionaire by now! On my journey I have met hundreds of marketers who were in a similar situation as me back then, looking for the holy grail of marketing as well as a get rich quick scheme. Yes I was scammed a couple of times but I still kept trying to find that something that would give me an income for life? All the other people I met were doing the same. I can tell you now after years of trying the answer is don’t jump from one product to another plus it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a lot of work and dedication plus the will to succeed believe me I know I have been there. I wasn’t helping myself either as I had a good job which paid very well so didn’t need the extra money, though I did want to leave my job and work for myself! I didn’t realise then that If I had taken a step back looked at what I was doing and got myself a mentor I would probably have been able to leave my job years ago!! Any way I have retired now and need to do affiliate marketing to suppliment my income believe it or not!!!

I have looked at most of the let’s say opportunities that are around and there were a few that were interesting, but my eye was taken to a course called Partnership To Success or P2S as some people call it, which was all about learning what you need to do to succeed online, so I decided to join up. It is a very successful program and has lots of positive reviews, you start from scratch and then follow the steps within the course. The program is owned by John Thornhill who I must say I found genuine and trustworthy and he has a very big following. The support I have had from it is absolutely first class which is very important if you join a course like this! John Started Partnership To Success in 2011 and its still going today. He has had many successful students such as Omar Martin (Higher Level Strategies) and many more. Which is one of the reasons I signed up for the course. The course is not cheap but is very good value for money considering what you are taught and what John gives away in his course. I can tell you now this course is not for everyone and if you are looking for a quick way to make money online then this is definitely not for you! As far as I know and as I said I have looked around, there is nothing quick or easy that I have found online. One thing that I have found out is, you need a proper mindset to even consider making money online as it does take time!! Mindset is very important when you decide to do marketing online, if you give up to easily you will fail. Have a look at the free report above this post and it will tell you why you will never succeed online, but you can with the right mindset, the right mentor and the right opportunity. But you must follow it through.

My next post will be my journey through Partnership To Success thus far which you can follow and it will give you an idea of what its all about. Until then think about what you want out of your journey online!!


My Aim is to help 50+ learn and discover affiliate marketing and hope they become successful. They will then be able to earn money from what they learn.

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